Best airbrush for cake decorating

Best airbrush for cake decorating

If you are well acquitted with the bakery realm, then you know that cakes are not complete without the appropriate decorations. Since the bakers have the skills and imagination to make the cake dream a reality, they are always equipped with the best tools in a bid to achieve a perfectly decorated cake.

As you will see in our reviews below, there are various alternatives to go for when the need to adorn you baked delicacies arises. However, there is one that stands out to beat them all – the airbrush for cake decoration. Cake airbrushes avail the chance to make astounding decorations and also color the icing on the cake. The best airbrush for cake decoration can also be used together with other tools such as the cake spray gun among others as you generate the elegant look.

Benefits of owning a cake airbrush

If you are venturing into creative baking, buying an airbrush is almost inevitable. Some of the advantages that come along include:

  • Simple to use
  • Produces neat work
  • It is fun to use
  • Works with utmost precision

In many occasions, they are substitutes to the messy paint and included brush kits. The result of using an airbrush is a professional design to the eye and once you try them, what you have been using will be history.

Are you upgrading your baking skills to the next level? That means coming up with extensive designs, scripts, and patterns that are acceptable on the current cake market. As you bid farewell to ice tubes and food coloring that proved to be ineffective, all you need for the new adventure is purchasing edible paint in bottles, have the airbrush ready and include a range of air ‘brushes’ prepared to diversify the painting protocol. You don’t have to worry if you are a novice in the baking industry, airbrushes guide the beginners too. Use them for icing and fondant applications and don’t limit yourself since the tools are not limited to what they can do.

Choosing the best airbrush for personal baking

Airbrushes are manufactured to suit particular situations which means their capability is what defines the difference. Going with the right kit is what separates you from getting all the fun and experiencing the worst nightmares. We have a guide for you so that you can know what some of the things to consider before buying are.

Single-action or dual-action

It is what defines the two main types of airbrushes for cake decoration. Single-action airbrushes use a single button to spray both color and air. Compare the functionality to how a spray paint works. It is a good one to start with if you are a beginner since it is the simplest to use, and gives room for consistency and having predictable sprays.

On the other hand, dual-action which is also called the multipurpose has one a function for airflow and another for color. It is a bit tricky to use it if you don’t know what you are doing but once you are familiar with the mechanism, there is so much to benefit from using the dual. You have more control over how you color and also able to create multiple shades and patterns. Most of the cake decorators favor the dual-action as the best airbrush for cake decoration.

The magnitude of using the airbrush

Do you decorate once in a while or often? If you skip weeks or months before you decorate a cake, then having a fully-featured airbrush is underutilization of resources. A single-action airbrush is more than what you need.

If yours is a daily task case or a couple of times in a week, just go for the dual-action so that you can have a variety of designs. Your cake decoration expertise grows as you continue to bake more so having extra functionality will help you to keep improving. Those of us looking for a gadget to sustain their baking business, dual-action will suit the enterprise as opposed to single-action.

Cake airbrushes for decoration top reviews

Cake Boss Decorating Tools Airbrushing Kit (Link)

Creating detailed and colorful designs and patterns on all of your baked goods is now possible using the Cake Boss Airbrushing kit. It does not matter what the occasion is. It is a kit that will add the memories to what the cake was made for. The 9W power from the DC voltage powers the 18 PSI compressor to enable you to have consistent airflow that comes in three levels: low, medium and high. Low is suitable for fine details and writing, and a medium is used for basic designs while high level goes for those looking for the base for larger surfaces.

Using the Cake Boss is easy since it only requires you to pour the paint in and turn on the compressor. There is a rubber hose that connects the compressor to the airbrush and transferring colors to the airbrush reservoir makes use of the plastic dropper. You have the option of going subtle or bold depending on the preference or mix and match to create a custom shade. From there, you can bring out the best of coloring from what you have baked for the special event. Using this airbrush kit allows you to get the color flowing as you expand your imagination.

Whether you are a beginner or one of the experienced, Cake Boss is a kit that will be fun to use and make the most out of decorating cakes every time you deploy it.

Master Airbrush Premium 3 Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit (Link)

The Master Airbrush comes with everything you need to get started. To make it suitable for both business and private use, the kit features a G22 gravity feed airbrush, G68 Siphon-feed, and E91 Siphon feed airbrushes. What captures the attention of many users is the G22 gravity feed airbrush that capitalizes on gravity as opposed to air pressure which means you can paint slowly for the intensive designs. The airbrush is also dual-action which lets you adjust how color and air flows as decoration is in progress. The combination of the two flows allows you to create the shade that you are working on and of course, with the right opacity. You can adjust the spray range to give room for thick sprays or fine lines when writing.

A critical component that is available in reliable airbrushes is the compressor. The Premium 3 model comes with a TC-20 maintenance-free air compressor with an automatic on/off mode. It is made to last and will shut off when either of the following happens: when air pressure reaches a preset level and also due to rising temperature. The shutting off ability ensures that your compressor is not overworked and be vulnerable to getting damaged.

Other inclusions involve a gauged air regulator and a water trap filter. Accessories include four food color bottles and a training book to help you kick-start the race. Some user reviews suggest that it does have not much to depend on, so if you are entirely new in the airbrushing generation, educational videos may also come in handy.

U.S. Cake Supply – Complete Cake Decorating Airbrush Kit (Link)

For all the users, the U.S. Cake supply boasts of having everything you are looking for to color that cake or any other baked good. The airbrush kit comes single-action gravity feed airbrush, an air compressor that you can adjust up to three airflow settings and 12 food colors to start with. If anything is unclear to you, the user manual has all the tips and design that you can try and incorporate not forgetting the food coloring chart guide.

Using it is easy; the reason why it is recommendable to kids and adults, beginners and the experienced alike. All you need to do is add a few drops of the chosen color to the airbrush, power up the 12 volts DC compressor using the 110V AC plug-in adapter, pull the trigger, and that’s it. The only thing remaining is creating your customized creations on the baked cake or cookie.

There is no limitation to what you can design be it cupcakes, cakes or desserts. You have the option of shading and blending colors, write the targeted captions, use stencils to add detail and color fondant among other desired elements. The list cannot be exhausted. Still in the kit is a 6-foot airbrush hose that does not restrict movement and a holder. This kit comes with money back guarantee so if something is missing or not right, you are bound to get a full refund.

Some reliable alternatives to airbrushes

If you are not able to get the airbrush of your choice, take a look at the following related products that work towards making your bakery procedure complete.

Wilton Master Decorating Tip Set (Link)

Every day with a baked cake is excellent. That means that you need to make it extraordinary by having the Wilton Master Decorating Tip set. Using your hand to squeeze requires your strength and holding ability, but the set has 55 decorating tips which means you have 55 different options to deliver out of what you press. In addition to the tips, there are two standard and angled couplers, two flower nails and a tip organizer to help you keep up with your designs.

Whether you are adding shell borders or make some ruffles to make an adorable top on your cupcake, the tip set has the needed versatility to make the best finishing. The steel tips have room to nest up to three tips. You have a wide variety of decorating options to try out. The fun in exploring how best you can decorate your cake is supported by the following tip families: petal, round, leaf, star, ruffle, drop flower, basket weave, and specialty tips. After you are done with the tips, there is a convenient plastic tray that you can use to store the tips that are covered by a plastic tip saver case.

Marrywindix 68pcs 21 Sets Cake Decoration Tool Set (Link)

Another alternative includes having the Marrywindix Cake Decoration toolset which comprises of high-quality plunger cutters to create a variety of flower shapes. Both edible and non-edible material can be used to create shapes which is one of the bright sides of using the cutters. The functionality extends to using the tools as cookie cutters, but the dough needs to be slightly firm so that the design can come out in such a case.

The 21-set kit is an ideal solution for sugarcraft, marzipan and gum paste not to mention the incredible job it does with craft clays. With 68 pieces making up the toolset, creating professional looking flowers is more than manageable where butterflies, snowflake, sunflower and plum blossom become part of your well-thought art and design.

If anyone is asking how big the rolling pin is, the measurements dictate having 9 inches from round tip to the tip and not more than an inch in diameter. For those looking for many sizes and shapes to choose from when making the decorations, here is an answer to what you need at your fingertips.

Cake Boss Decorating Tools 4-Piece Quilted Fondant Imprint Mat Set (Link)

Last but not the least is a fondant imprint mat set from Cake Boss that features four quilted fondant imprint mats. The set aids you in creating an impressive square, diamond or quilted pattern and textures in rolled fondant. These mats are made of transparent and flexible plastic making it easier to position and align the models which is an enjoyable feature for all users. There are small and large-scale square, and quilt patterns and the transparency enables you to get rid of guesswork. You have a choice of making designs on cakes or use them as a template for piped lines of frosting among other decorations.

If you have a Cake Boss set of tools, such as the fondant smoother, the imprint mat set will work with them to deliver a fine tune of designs. Washing requires the use of hands which is the recommended option. Having the Cake Boss Fondant Imprint Mat set means impressing the attending crew with a well-thought variety of patterns.

Some airbrush cake decorating tips

After looking at the detailed reviews, we summarized the following for you as steps to follow when using the cake airbrush.

  • To avoid cross-contamination, use food-safe colors and also don’t craft using the cake spray gun
  • Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to clean the airbrush. It is a good recommendation if you are looking forward to using the decorator for a long time.
  • It is a good idea first to sketch the layout of your cake before you begin, it gives you a clear picture of the colors to use how to go about spraying them.
  • Practice before qualifying for the spray by making use of paper towels. Take note of the pressure, speed, and angle since they are essential in creating a satisfactory coloring.
  • Using the airbrush is a messy affair. So, it is essential to cover the surrounding faces so that they don’t face the wrath.
  • The ideal distance to keep when using the device is 6-8 inches from the cake. Lesser distance will pocket the cake while a longer range will make the color to fly away.
  • Inclining the nozzle at 45-degree angle gives you softer lines. For sharper and sharp lines, go for the 90-degree angle.
  • Use clean and hot water to clean the pipes. Make sure they are clean to avoid unwanted instances of ugly splatters the next time you are using the airbrush.

Wrapping up

Decorating your cake is never easier until you use the right tools which are also efficient. Apart from the cake airbrushes, there are other tools that you can use to make the adventure more worthwhile. The ability to create a masterpiece design comes with a trial of different instruments with various capabilities. It gives you an open mind of what you can do and what to expect. Next time you are shopping the cake ingredients, remember to include the cake airbrush and decorating tool on the list.

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