A woman’s review of the best baby heartbeat monitor

A woman’s review of the best baby heartbeat monitor

As new parents-to-be, you should be very excited to hear your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time – that’s why you are anxiously waiting for the first ultrasound.

But what if that’s not enough? What if you want to keep hearing the heartbeat of that angelic creature growing inside of you? What if you want to always make sure they’re safe, without having to book daily ultrasounds?

Well, in this case, you would need to get your own baby heartbeat monitor. And in order to do that, you will need some baby heartbeat monitors to listen to their little heart whenever you want to get some proof of life.

What Are Baby Heartbeat Monitors?

Basically, a baby heart monitor is a device with “ear buds” or an ultrasound area for your belly that you use during your pregnancy or labor. This device will keep track of the baby’s heart rate but also your uterus’s contractions.

A baby heart rate monitor is a great tool to have around if you are concerned about the health of the baby. By checking it regularly, you will know that the baby has no problems and that they are doing well.

Types of Monitoring Devices: How Do They Work?

When it comes to monitoring your baby’s heart, you should know that there are several ways of doing that. Still, there are two main methods – depending on your stage of pregnancy:

1. External Heart Monitor

External control is the one you would use at home, when you are lying down, walking or going through your daily activities. The monitoring is done through a special stethoscope you hold on your belly – these stethoscopes are usually referred to as “belly buds.”

They can be connected to your phone or any device that can receive the ultrasounds. This way, you can quickly check how your baby is doing now and then.

2. Internal Heart Monitor

This monitor is generally used during labor, and it is placed into your cervix, directly on the baby’s scalp. This will only be used after the amniotic sac has ruptured and you are at least 2 cm dilated.

Such a monitor will not only keep track of the heart of your baby but of your contractions as well. It will tell you how far along you are and will control everything going inside your belly.

When it comes to at-home monitoring, you will only need an external control device. You would have to purchase an internal heart monitor only in the circumstance of an at-home birth.

Why Would You Need It?

We talked about the general reasons why you should get a fetal heart monitor, but if you’re looking for more in-depth reasoning, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few reasons for having your own baby heart beat monitor during your pregnancy:

  • It will keep a close “eye” on your baby’s heart beat.
  • It will let you hear your baby’s kicks and hiccups.
  • It will keep tabs on your contraction and will tell you their duration.
  • It will tell you if your labor is preterm.
    If the doctor thinks there may be a problem, he/she may recommend that you invest in some belly headphones. In order to get accurate results, you may want to check your baby’s heart rate both when you are moving and at rest.
  • It will check whether or not the placenta is giving your baby enough oxygen.
  • It will oversee the growth of the baby, along with its health.
  • In order to get a good product, you may want to read a bellybuds review – or more. This will tell you about the most popular options among women who already used these products.

When Should You Listen to Your Baby’s Heartbeats?

You can usually start monitoring the heart of your baby anytime after the 20th week has passed. This isn’t because it’s dangerous for the baby or anything; it’s only because that’s when your child’s heart is fully formed and can give you strong heartbeats.

Sometimes, doctors may perform both internal and external monitoring at the same time. This is done in a situation when the baby’s heath is fragile, and you will need every type of supervision you can get.

Are Fetal Heartbeat Monitors Safe?

Generally, it’s completely safe to use a fetal heart monitor. It’s not invasive, so except for the ultrasounds, nothing is actually coming into contact with your baby.

Electronic monitoring may be linked to an increase in deliveries by cesarean, but without affecting the actual health of the child. There are also claims that it may cause doctors to use forceps and vacuums during the delivery.

Internal heart monitors have also been linked to a series of infections. However, if the procedure is done correctly and with the proper hygiene, this should not be an issue.

Best Baby Heartbeat Monitors: Which One Should You Choose?

If you have a mini-you on the way and aren’t exactly sure which one is the best fetal doppler, you might want to give the following ones a try.

1. BELLYBUDS Pregnancy Baby Headphones System Review

Bellybuds Pregnancy Headphones (Amazon link)

This one looks like you are placing a set of headphones on the “head” of your baby. Only, instead of sticking them in the ears, you glue them on your belly. These bellybuds have adhesive stickers that you can use safely throughout the day on your stomach area.

Basically, when using these belly headphones, you can go about your daily activities without any issues. They’re lightweight, and you can easily fit them underneath your clothes. Each time you want to check up on your baby, all you will have to do is pull out your phone and see for yourself.

This device is the perfect gift to take at every baby shower. It’s compatible with most headphones, regardless if the system is Android or iPhone, and it works with every standard music player. For all anyone knows, you’ll be listening to your favorite song – the song of life.

According to every Bellybuds review that we have read, this is definitely something that should make your top five choices.

2. WUSIC “Womb Music” Heartbeat Monitor

WUSIC Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor (Amazon link)

“My baby’s heartbeat is music to my ears.” Wusic obviously took this literally when they created “Womb Music.” This device is very effective in showing you the heartbeat of your kid without being too bulky or complicated.

It has a dual output option, so both parents can listen to the baby’s heartbeat at the same time (daddy no longer has to be left out!). Plus, the remarkable thing about this baby monitor is that you receive a customized lullaby with the name of your child in it (that is if you already picked the name).

This device is also very sensitive to the faintest of sounds. It can pick out sounds from the earliest stages of pregnancy, weeks sooner than any other baby monitors. You’ll definitely love testing out this one.

3. SUMMER INFANT “Heart to Heart” Digital Prenatal Listening

Summer Infant Monitor (Amazon link)

This product is among the favorites for many reasons. Unlike most baby monitors, this won’t have to be held in your hand; it has a belt strap, so you can walk around listening to your baby’s heartbeat without having to hold it.

This device focuses on the “isolated heartbeat” option. Some pregnancy monitors can’t differentiate between the mother’s heartbeat and the baby’s, so you’ll have to figure out by yourself which one is which.

This one, on the other hand, will pick up only the heart of the baby. And since it has a high sensitivity, it will capture kicks and hiccups as well.

4. MEDI-K AngelSounds Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Medi-K AngelSounds Baby Heartbeat Monitor (Amazon link)

When it comes to reliability and design, this one is also a very convenient option. Plus, it’s very easy to use. All you will have to do it connect it to your headphones and then touch the belly with this device. You’ll hear every heartbeat, every hiccup, and every kick.

Plus, it has two jack ports, which means that both mommy and daddy can listen at the same time! It is also a cheap option, so if you are looking for a baby heart monitor on a budget, this should be your go-to.

5. BUNDLE TUMBLE Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier

Bundle Tumble: Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier (Amazon link)

This baby sound amplifier can detect heartbeats as early as 12 weeks – which is earlier than anticipated for most heartbeat monitors. The audio is clean, crisp, and you’ll be able to connect with the baby before it even comes into this world.

The device is very easy to operate, and it can even record the sounds that you are listening to. It has two jack sockets so that both parents can listen to their baby.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t really matter if you go for Bellybuds or Bundle Tumble. Each of these devices has proven to be very efficient and reliable, which is why many future mommies recommend them.
Each of them is different in terms of size and looks, so in the end, you choose the one you like the most. In the end, all of them are included in the “best fetal Doppler” category.

Further reading

Are you worried about how your baby-in-waiting is doing? While it’s fun to listen to heartbeats, don’t stress out too much, as that’s not good for your baby. Instead, why don’t you treat yourself to some tender-loving selfcare goodies or even a home foot spa setup for soothing your body.

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