Best pregnancy pillow for comfortable sleeping

Best pregnancy pillow for comfortable sleeping

Pregnancy is an incredible journey as it results in a new life. However, there are several challenges that the pregnant women face as they seek to bring new life into the world. The body changes that occur vary from one woman to the other in the stages of pregnancy. Some include morning sickness, fatigue, body aches, heartburn and soreness. There is, therefore, the need to use products that help to ease the discomfort brought about by the changes. Pregnancy pillows are some of the products.

They help to bring support and comfort to the pregnant mothers. They also assist in relieving pain and aches especially around the stomach, spine, back, neck and legs. The comprehensive review of pregnancy pillows will help you to know more about the types, benefits and products to choose from. Furthermore, you will know what to consider so as to get the best pregnancy pillow.

Types of pregnancy pillows

Wedge type

They are pillows that are shaped into small triangular shapes. The wedge type are mostly used to give support to specific sections of the body. For example to support the stomach and back. The pillow easily slides into position to help find the best sleeping position.

They reduce the pain and pressure on the back. Also, they ease heartburn and reflux by raising the head. The advantage of the wedge pillow is that they are affordable and may be used even after giving birth. Furthermore, they are compact and don’t occupy much space.

Full-length/total body

As the name suggests, they are pillows that cover the whole body. They are the most preferred due to their convenience. The support offered is to the head, neck, stomach, back and legs. Furthermore, they can be snuggled, hugged and wrapped around the body since they conform to the body. There are two types of full-length pillows. They include the straight and flexible full-length pillows.


The pillows are shaped like beans and have straps that enhance offering support to the stomach. The products are convenient for pregnant women who feel very heavy in their stomach area.


The flexible pillows are those that are used to support any area of the body. They can be shaped in different ways to suit the need of the user since they are flexible.


The shaped pillows are pillows that come in various forms. For example, C, U, J and V-shape. The most common among the mentioned are the C, V and U shaped. The J offers less support when compared to the other pillow shapes.

The best filling materials for a pregnancy pillow

Organic fillings

They are natural materials such as cotton and wheat with a distinct organic smell. The filling in the pillows is ideal for users that prefer an organic smell. The advantage of the organic fillers is that they are eco-friendly.

Memory foam

It is filling material made from synthetic materials. They are compact and easily respond to pressure applied. This allows the pillows made from memory foam to take different shapes and conform to the body.

Hypoallergenic fillings

The fillings are suitable to make pillows for individuals prone to allergies. They strive to prevent any allergic reactions. For example, an allergy to smell.

What to consider


The pillow sizes vary from large to small. You should choose a pillow depending on the space that you have on the bed. Also, you should consider your partner as buying a huge pillow that occupies too much space may disrupt them. Choose a product that is compact and able to support the most crucial areas such as the back and stomach.

Filling material

There are different types of filler materials used. The materials used should be compact at the same time flexible enough to offer comfort. The pillow should also be lightweight to enable you to carry it around. For users with allergies, products filled with hypoallergenic materials are the best to avoid any reactions.

The filler material also determines the temperature conditions. Some materials such as memory foam lead to an increase in temperature. Most pregnant women prefer cooler temperature; therefore, other filler materials are preferred.

Most noteworthy, the type of filler material determines the noise produced and the cost of the product. For example, Styrofoam, although cheap, produces some noise during movement.

Removable cover

It might be challenging to clean the pregnancy pillows especially if they have the different shapes. A product with a removable cover makes it very easy to clean regularly. In addition, there are removable covers that are machine-washable. Regular cleaning allows the removal of accumulated dirt and smells that may affect the pregnancy.


The cost of the pillow will determine the one to choose. Although comfort is key, the product should not exceed the budget set. Choose an item that is within the budget so as to enable you to meet other related expenses. The only thing to ensure is that the selected item meets your needs. It is important to get reviews from other buyers so as to know if the chosen item works as specified.

Benefits of a pregnancy pillow

Enhances blood circulation

The pregnancy pillow enables the pregnant women to lie on their back while aligning their feet comfortably. This allows balancing the body especially the intercellular and extracellular fluids. Also, it facilitates blood flow when the head and legs are elevated.

Promotes great sleep

Pregnant women usually find it difficult to sleep due to the alteration of their center of gravity which results in aches and pain. Their blood circulation is also affected which leads to discomfort. Pregnancy pillows promote comfort to the user relieving pain and improving blood circulation. The relief and comfort, therefore, allows them to sleep better. Furthermore, some of the pillows are full-length, allowing snuggling, cuddling which promotes sleep.

Promotes comfort during and after delivery

The stress on the back, stomach and hips is reduced when using the pillows. They allow the alignment of the spine especially when one is lying on their side. In addition, stress on the muscles, connective tissue and bones is eliminated. The filler materials in the pillows are firm for support while at the same time soft for comfort.

After delivery, the pregnancy pillows are useful when breastfeeding the child. This is because they offer support to not only the mother but also the baby. Support to the mother is provided on the back and neck while sitting. The pillow extension may provide an area to position the child when feeding. Finally, the pregnancy pillow may act as a barrier between the bed and wall ensuring safety of the child.


The most common material utilized in filling the pillow products is hypoallergenic. They thus help to protect the mother and unborn baby in case of any allergies.

Review of products

Some of the best pregnancy pillows available in the market include;

Leachco snoogle total body pillow, lvory (Link)

The product from Leachco is a full body pillow that helps to support the body. The material making the pillow is polyester. It has a unique design that follows the shape and contour of the body. The pillow enhances body relief when relaxing and sleeping. It prevents sciatica of the back by providing support.

Most noteworthy, the snoogle pillow comes with a cover that is removable and washable. This is great because cleaning the pillow is fast. The horseshoe shape of the pillow allows the user to adjust and attain the best position for comfort. Furthermore, the height is also adjustable to suit the user.

The midsection is longer to ensure support to the back and tummy. In addition, the pillow tucks between the knees to assist in controlling back pain and temperature. Furthermore, the tacking in ensures the head is propped for relaxed breathing, prevents heartburn and ensures the tummy is cradled.


  • The pillow is comfortable
  • It enables pregnant women to sleep better
  • A pillow case comes with the product


  • The pillow case that comes with the pillow is poorly designed

Queen rose u shaped pregnancy body pillow (Link)

The pregnancy body pillow is made using 100% cotton. Bionic Polyethylene is the filling material in use. It ensures the pillow is high density at the same time extra soft. In addition, the filling material is not scented eliminating any discomfort when sleeping.

The pillow may be easily adjusted to suit the body shape of the user. It has a big U- shape that provides support when feeding and sleeping. Most noteworthy, the product is multifunctional. It is able to support when reading, relaxing, watching, breastfeeding and nursing. Also, apart from pregnant women, it is recommended for individuals with back or hip pain, poor posture, sciatica and athletes.

A 90-day exchange or refund policy I available to users who are not satisfied with the product they receive.


  • It is firm and comfortable
  • The pillow works effectively to relieve back pain
  • A 90-day policy for refund or exchange is available
  • The product is multifunctional
  • The filling material makes the pillow firm and soft


  • It is costly when compared to other products

PharMeDoc full body pregnancy pillow (Link)

The C-shaped pillow supports the hips, back, knees, head and neck. The support to these sections of the body ensures the pregnant woman rests and sleeps comfortably. The curved shape hugs the body in order to align the hips, spine and neck. The product eliminates the need to use multiple pillows for support.

In addition, the product has polyfill material that is adjustable. This material ensures that the user does not toss and turn during the night. Furthermore, the pillow comes with a zipper removable pillow cover. The cover makes using the product convenient since it can be removed for cleaning. Additionally, the cover is hypoallergenic, machine washable and free from latex, lead and BPA.

The manufacturer of this pregnancy pillow offers a lifetime guarantee which creates confidence in the quality.


  • It comes with a cover that is machine washable, latex free and hypoallergenic
  • The c-shapes aligns the body to provide comfort
  • It is made from 100% cotton
  • The firmness of the pillow is excellent
  • The pillow supports different parts of the body at once
  • It is affordable


  • The tips of the pillow are not well smoothened out

Maternity pillow with contoured u-shape by Bluestone (Link)

The pillow from Lavish home is a product that provides head to toe support for the user. It is large and long to provide support equally to all the sides of the body. It has a u-shape with hour glass inner curves to align the body. In addition, the pillow contours the whole back for neutral joint positioning.

The product cradles the body to eliminate tossing and turning, therefore, promoting a painless good night sleep. It is a multifunctional product that is shaped in different ways for watching TV, sleeping, nursing reading and other forms of relaxation.

Polyester hollow fiber is the material used to fill the pillow. The cover, which is zipper removable, is made from 100% cotton. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, machine washable.


  • It promotes a good night sleep by aligning the body
  • Support provided is from head to toe
  • The inner curves, pillow contours and U-shape ensure neutral joint positioning


  • Some users complain that the pillow is not very firm

Leachco back ‘N belly contoured body pillow, Ivory (Link)

The product from Leachco is made using polyester. It is designed with two inner contours that follow the shape of the users’ body to enhance comfort. It ensures that there is no turning and repositioning of the body. Furthermore, the contoured pillow provides comfort equally to the back and tummy. The pillow helps to relieve sciatica, carpal tunnel, nasal congestion and gastric reflux.

The product has reverse ends that provide head support. In addition, the elevation and alignment of the hips is possible. The height and alignment facilitate neutral positioning that relieves any strain on the joints. The pillow comes with a pillow case that is removable for washing.


  • It is firm enough to support the body
  • The pillow is comfortable as it supports different sections of the body at once
  • Promotes great sleep by relieving back pain


  • The top seam of the pillow cuts into the shoulder
  • It is expensive
  • The pregnancy pillow is large occupying too much space


Proper sleep is a very important part of pregnancy, even while sleeping becomes more uncomfortable. Pregnancy pillows are a great option to offer support when undergoing the different body changes. They help to promote comfort, blood circulation and great sleep. It is important to get the best pregnancy pillow from the many products available in the market. There are several types available such as flexible, full-body, edge and bean shaped. In order to get the best product, determine what your needs are. After knowing what you require, consider the price, size, filler material and removable cover.

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