How to declutter an apartment: steps to a minimalist home

How to declutter an apartment: steps to a minimalist home

A clean and tidy apartment can lead to a feeling of calm when entering your home. On top of this, keeping clutter to a minimum is key to a pleasing minimalist design aesthetic in your home. Follow these tips to begin decluttering your abode today.

Declutter Your Apartment with Good Housekeeping Habits

Start right when you get home from work. We are all guilty of creating clutter when we come home. Some of us toss our clothes on the ground, leave shoes in front of the door, or bags on a kitchen chair after a long day. Working to change these habits and keep clutter to a minimum can have positive effects on your mental and physical state.

Instead of falling into the comfort of your home as soon as you walk in the door, work toward creating a routine of putting things away immediately when you get home. This can help separate your work day from your recreation time, with the added bonus of saving time cleaning later.

Keep Your Surfaces Clear

When talking about getting rid of clutter, we are often talking about out of sight storage. It can be convenient to have your phone bills or other papers within reach, but this does not mean they need to sit on top of your desk. Make room by creating a filing system. Be sure to put it somewhere in reach of where it will be needed, like near the computer or under the household phone.

Keep piles of things out of view. Instead, opt for file cabinets to store documents, and set aside drawers to store commonly used items. Organizing this way also means you know exactly where you put objects you are looking for in your apartment.

Take Stock of Your Apartment Storage Options

Keep your storage spaces minimalist and utilitarian. Storage is meant to conserve space, not create more ways to use it. It may seem like a good idea to micro organize your items into specialized storage. However, the more pieces of furniture you have to store items, the more stuff you will end up having.

Purging: The Final Step to Decluttering Your Apartment

It is necessary to have an outfit for special events that may only occur every few years, but having too many clothes that have been worn once takes up valuable closet space. Go through your closet. If an item has not been worn in over a year or recent memory, get rid of it. Luckily, you do not necessarily have to throw these out. There is a rising market for clothing in good condition in local resale shops and online.

Clothes are not the only things that can clear up space. Earn some cash by selling electronics or other objects you no longer use. Have a hobby you tried and moved on from? Use that equipment to fuel someone else’s obsession, and make some money on the side. You might want to check out our list of Craigslist alternatives for getting rid of stuff.

Making extra money is great, but at the end of the day, coming home to a clean and decluttered apartment will help clear your mind and be its own reward.

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