How to find the best maternity underwear for a comfortable pregnancy

How to find the best maternity underwear for a comfortable pregnancy

Between two to three months into your pregnancy, your body will start to change and you may find it outgrowing your panties. Once you know that you’ve conceived, it’s always a good idea to invest in a cool maternity panty.

When you are familiar with a few key details, finding the best maternity panties won’t be a problem for you. This guide is meant to help you pick the perfect pair. We realize how essential it is for pregnant moms to feel comfortable which is why this article will focus on the most comfortable panties around.

It’s always advisable to buy several panties of different sizes to ensure that you remain sorted throughout the entire pregnancy period. Your belly growing bigger is one of the ways your body hints you that regular panties won’t fit you as they used to. As a proud mother, it’s always good to give your bum the respect it deserves by sheathing it in the comfiest cotton, finest silk and softest satin.

Maternity underwear is usually designed to be extra-stretchy to fit your growing belly. Some undies are designed with a high cut to cover or fit your belly. Sometimes, you can get away with wearing your regular undies, as long as they can stretch and are low cut. However, it’s always good to keep your baby comfortable by wearing the right panties for pregnancy.

Recommendations for best maternity underwear

1. Intimate Portal Maternity Pregnancy Underwear (Link)

As much as people like baby palettes, you should not forget pregnancy in style! Whether you are a firm believer in simple chic or a lace fanatic, you will consider purchasing this underwear collection.

These awesome undies are designed to bring you joy and comfort. You’ll agree with me that pregnancy is a challenging journey, however; you can make this journey easier by investing undies that will guarantee comfort.

Intimate Portal undies are made using 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Besides, its Gusset Inner Lining is 100% cotton to enhance its comfy levels. The other impressive feature is that these undies have wide leg bands to prevent them from cutting into your thighs. Also, they come fitted with a 100% cotton crotch lining to enhance hygiene; the linings are dyed with light colors to help you detect unusual discharges.

Finally, they have a contoured waistline that fits right under the lower belly like a cradle. Each package comes in different sizes and colors; it’s for you to choose. When purchasing these undies, you should order depending on the size of your hip to ensure that it fits perfectly.


  • Great comfort
  • Fit like a cradle
  • It has wide leg bands
  • It’s Soft


  • They do not stretch

2. Giftpocket Women’s Under Bump Maternity Panties (Link)

Most moms that have purchased these undies by Giftpocket will admit that they are just awesome. Incredibly, they come in various prints and colors to suit everybody’s preferences. Besides, the undies by Giftpocket are designed to have high elasticity and are made using cotton to maintain hygiene. Amazingly, they have a short brief to ensure that they sit below the belly.

These undies have a full back coverage that makes them comfortable to wear throughout your pregnancy months as well as, the postpartum recovery period. The Giftpocket undies have a V-scoop front, which will make you feel sexy.

Moreover, the scoop will prevent pressure on your bump. These inner wears have pure cotton linings to make sure that they are healthy for you and your little one. The good thing is that all its products passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test and are Eco-friendly, which implies that they are safe and reliable.


  • They are stretchy and comfortable
  • Can be worn during pregnancy and postpartum periods
  • They are awesome in terms of sex appeal


  • They run in small sizes

3. Anita Maternity Briefs (Link)

The briefs by Anita are my favorite maternity undies. The reason is that they are comfortable and feel soft because they are made using microfiber. The most amazing thing about these awesome undies is that they do not have side seams thus you do not have to stress about outgrowing the sizes you pick.

They are designed to stretch according to your body; they come in various sizes i.e. from small to extra-large. Even though they are not the cheapest undies you will find, they will help you control and support your tummy. The fact that they have the perfect back coverage makes them ideal for postpartum recovery too.

If you are a huge fan of soft undies, then you might consider purchasing these excellent briefs by Anita. They are designed to offer enough belly support and they will never crawl up your crack. Wearing these undies during your pregnancy will help in smoothing out your belly; this way you can wear dresses comfortably.


  • Have wide edges to prevent digging in
  • Its seamless design ensures you are comfortable all day
  • Ideal for postpartum recovery


  • They are relatively light hence may soak quickly

4. Belevation Women’s Maternity Support Briefs (Link)

If you are thinking of purchasing high waist maternity panties, then you should consider spending a few bucks on the Belevation briefs. They are uniquely designed for everyday gentle support; in fact, their high rise brief will hold your belly gently.

Besides, these panties are seamless and breathable; this means that you won’t have to worry about visible pantie lines. The fact that they do not have side seams assures you that you can wear the undies without outgrowing them.

Unlike other undies, these briefs by Belevation are made of Spandex and Nylon. You are recommended to machine wash warm and avoid using Chlorine-based bleaches. These panties will also work well during the postpartum period.


  • Comfortable
  • Soft
  • Adjustable
  • Offers gentle belly support


  • May get worn out at the seam area

5. Intimate Portal Women Maternity Cradle Briefs (Link)

Intimate Portal maternity products have never let moms down. It’s a wise decision to invest in some of these excellent cradle briefs. Similar to the previous Intimate maternity undies, they have wide leg bands that prevent cutting into your thighs. This is one of the features that keep comfort in check.

In addition, these undies are fitted with a light inner lining made from pure cotton. The inner lining has light colors to help you detect the presence of discharge quicker. The great back coverage allows you to wear these undies during postpartum recovery; this coverage goes smoothly under your garment.

Just like most Intimate portal maternity underwear, the cradle briefs have low rising maternity briefs together with contoured waistlines. This feature allows the undies to fit perfectly under the belly.

The Gusset inner lining is made of 100% cotton while the rest of the parts contain 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. Before buying this product, you need to check the sizes so that you make the right decision.


  • Accurate Sizing and super comfy underwear
  • Have no wedges thus they are able to stay in place as required
  • Available in all sizes and patterns
  • They can be used even after delivering


  • The material is very light

6. NBB Women’s Adjustable Maternity Panties High Cut (Link)

In case you are looking for maternity panties that will provide the perfect support for your belly, then the NBB Underwear might be your perfect solution. They have an integrated underbelly light support band to provide comfort.

The good thing with the NBB Women’s undies is that they are designed for everyday use. Another cool feature is the adjustable sizing; the tummy part expands automatically during the various pregnancy stages. Just like other maternity panties, the NBB can be used as ordinary women postpartum cotton undies after delivering.

The briefs by NBB lingerie has a high waist or rather a high rise brief that covers the belly and remains intact without rolling or slipping. Finally, these undies are made from soft, breathable and stretchable cotton fabric meaning that they are super comfy. You can opt to purchase the NBB panties as a six pack or as individuals.


  • It is extremely comfortable
  • It is adjustable in the tummy section
  • Stretchable and breathable cotton


  • They are not appealing

7. Slimart 4 PCS Cotton Maternity Underpants (Link)

The Slimart maternity underwear is sold as four pieces and they come in different colors. These panties are more suitable for young mothers since they are small. Moreover, they will make you feel sexy. They have a U-shaped low waist that will ensure your lower belly is comfortable.

Besides, the waistband is elastic and will support your tummy as it grows. The Slimart pants have an antibacterial care belly that makes it suitable for use during both pregnancy and postpartum stages.

They are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex meaning that they are soft and super comfy for you and your baby. Its high-quality cotton material allows for air circulation and lightweight stretch. Before adding these undies to your shopping cart, it’s important to compare the sizes with your regular panties.

These low rise undies feature a moderate front coverage that fits well under the tummy without rolling, pressure or slipping. The white gusset is designed in a way that it will help you to detect body discharge easily. In case you feel that the four pieces pack is not good for you, there is also a 2-pack to choose from.


  • It has an elastic pull-on waistband
  • Can be worn during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Soft and comfortable


  • They might run small at times

8. Piday Women’s Under the Bump Maternity Hipsters Panties (Link)

The PIDAY panties come in two packages; these include the two-pack and the 5-pack. The panties come in 5 different colors i.e. Blue, Grey, Purple, Beige and Pink. The shape and soft nature of these awesome undies are just irresistible.

Amazingly, they have a 360 V shape low-rise waistband that supports your bump. Its moderate-full coverage is designed to fit perfectly under the belly without slipping, rolling and pressure. The pantie is made using two primary materials which include cotton and spandex.

The two materials provide enough comfort for you and your unborn baby. The PIDAY pantie is fitted with a white gusset to help you detect any body fluids.

The good thing about these undies is that its fabric is breathable, stretchable and comfortable, you will naturally get addicted to them even after pregnancy. When ordering these undies make sure you pay attention to size details.


  • Generous back coverage
  • Low rise to keep your bump comfortable
  • Lightweight stretch band
  • Premium cotton


  • Incorrect sizes

Factors to consider when buying maternity underwear

Before you buy maternity underwear, it always good to have an idea of what you should look for. Without having the right information, you might end up buying small or oversized underwear. Below are some of the few factors to consider:


You must know the correct size of your waistline and give a small allowance for your growing bellies. Always consider buying panties that will serve you during the entire pregnancy period without getting smaller.


You have to think about comfort when purchasing maternity undies. In fact, you ought to look at aspects such as waistbands and sizes of the various panties. Always buy stretchable panties to make sure they fit you during pregnancy and postpartum.


If you want to purchase the most comfortable, durable and softest panties, you have to pick the right material. Undies made of cotton are known to provide enough comfort. Moreover, the material also determines the texture of your panties.


Maternity attires are essential, but maternity underwear is a must have. These undies are designed to grow with you comfortably during your pregnancy and long after having your baby. Do not hesitate to pick a pair that will fit you well as well as, support your belly.

Further reading

If you’re stocking up on maternity wear, other useful clothing to buy include pumping bras and maternity belts. To take care of your growing belly, you might also want to stock up on some stretch mark cream. For more about pregnancy health, head over to WhatToExpect.

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