What cameras do famous Youtubers and celebrities use?

What cameras do famous Youtubers and internet celebrities use?

Do you wonder what cameras famous youtubers use? We did some web research to look up the equipment of 62 Youtubers or other famous photographers and videographers. Here are the results.


what camera do famous youtubers use

We found a total of 66 Canon cameras, 14 Sony cameras, and 4 Panasonic cameras. (The number of cameras exceeds 62 because some Youtubers use multiple cameras.) There was only one GoPro action cam and one Red professional grade camera in this round up. There were no Nikon cameras, but Nikon does not target the prosumer video market so that is not surprising. We’re sure Nikon would win the still images category by a landslide. However, it looks like Canon is the clear winner here for Youtubers.

Most popular camera

We lumped the different models like Mark II and Mark III together to pick the winning camera. We’ll link to the latest version as well so that you can get the newest one.

Winner: Canon G7X

The winner by a close margin with 13 votes was the Canon G7X (Amazon link). The G7X is a high-end point and shoot with great image quality and video recording abilities. It’s more compact than a DSLR and easy to carry around. It’s definitely a favorite of Youtubers on the go.

Runner-up: Canon 5D Mark II/III

The Canon 5D Mark IV (Amazon link) is the newest version of this professional grade DSLR camera with interchangeable lenses. With 10 votes, the Canon 5D was just a little bit behind the G7X.

Make no mistake, this camera is expensive and will set you back a few grand. That’s not even including the price of lenses! However, if you want pro-level image quality from a full-frame sensor and lens customization, the Canon 5D Mark IV is a standard choice.

All the cameras

If you want to see all the answers and where we found them, you can look through the information below,

What camera does Max use on Catfish?

Canon XA25 HD, Canon PowerShot S110, Canon XF105

Source: http://www.creativeplanetnetwork.com/news/shoot/mtv-s-catfish-employs-range-canon-cameras/609666

What camera does Jake Angeles use?

Sony A7s

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYfPxuOKxzg

What camera does Tana Mongeau use?

Canon T6i

Source: http://tanaaaaaaa.tumblr.com/post/142888493024/what-kind-of-camera-did-you-use-when-you-first

What camera does Jenna Marbles use?

Canon 60D

Source: https://twitter.com/jenna_marbles/status/421413038281863169

What camera does playthegamefilms use?

Canon EoS6D

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twmucYSuKY0

What camera does Shane Dawson use?

Panasonic DMC-GH1K, Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/#shane-dawson

What camera does Rhett and Link use?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1

Source: https://twitter.com/rhettandlink/status/237709812010455040?lang=en

What camera does Sam Kolder use?

Canon 5d Mark III, Rokinon 14/35/85, DJI Ronin-MX Camera

Source: http://www.travelfoodfilm.com/2016/06/speaking-with-sam-kolder.html

What camera do the Funk Bros use?

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II, Canon EOS 70D

Source: http://www.whattheyuse.net/camera-does-the-funk-bros-use/

What camera does Itsjudyslife use?

Canon Powershot 110, Sony A77, GoPro HD HERO2

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkGMgxtpQu4

What camera does Brittney LeeSaunders use?

Canon 600D, Canon G7X

Source: https://www.facebook.com/BRITTNEYLEESAUNDERS/posts/1115526578477363

What camera does Freddie use in iCarly?

Cannon XL1- XL2

Source: http://www.answers.com/Q/What_kind_of_camera_does_Freddie_from_icarly_use?#slide=2

What camera does Corridordigital use?

Red Scarlet

Source: https://www.facebook.com/corridordigital/posts/453273491401276

What Camera does BTS Style use?

Sony Alpha Nex 3N, Sony Alpha Nex 5TL

Source: http://bulletproofstyle.tumblr.com/post/70026643677/request-131110-backstage-inkigayo-suga

What camera does Shaycarl use?

Canon G7X

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/#shaycarl

What camera does Dulce Candy use?

Canon 5D Mark II

Source: https://twitter.com/dulcecandy/status/306170142071611392

What camera does Doddleoddle use?

Canon EOS 70D

Source: http://vloggingcamerahq.com/cameras-famous-youtubers-use/

What camera does Kathleenlights use?

Canon Rebel T4i

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/KathleenLights/featured

What camera does Maxmoefoe use?

Polaroid 660

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/app/319630/discussions/0/618453594738668464/

What camera does Scott Kelby use?

Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS-1D X

Source: http://www.canonrumors.com/why-scott-kelby-switched-to-canon/

What camera does Good Mythical Morning use?

Canon VIXIA Mini
Source: https://vlogginghero.com/best-vlogging-camera-famous-youtubers/

What camera does Rory Kramer use?

Canon 5D Mark III

Source: https://aliciatamlyn.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/rory-kramer/

What camera does Faze Censor use?

Sony A5000

Source: https://twitter.com/faze_censor/status/618856701643653120?lang=en

What camera does O2L use?

Canon T4i, Canon T3i

Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140620235221AAe9Erw

What camera does Funforlouis use?

Sony CyberShot RX100 IV, Canon PowerShot G7 X

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/#funforlouis

What camera does Film Riot use?

Canon 5D MK II, Canon XL-H1

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/film-riot/the-gear-i-use/127017949130/

What camera does Kian use?

Canon 70D, Rode VideoMic Pro R

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/#kian-lawley

What camera does Dantdm use?

Cannon 600D

Source: https://twitter.com/Vikkstar123/status/528346705780293632

What camera does Pete Souza use?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Source: http://www.digitalphotopro.com/profiles/pete-souza-master-of-the-white-house/

What camera does Jack Harries use?

Canon 5D Mark III, Panasonic Lumix GH4

Source: http://vloggingcamerahq.com/cameras-famous-youtubers-use/

What camera does Ctfxc use?

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II,Canon PowerShot Elph 340 HS, Canon EOS 70D

Source: http://internetkilled.tv/page/faq

What camera does Wiz Khalifa use?

iPhone 6

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/wizkhalifa/comments/56cz6a/what_camera_does_wiz_use_in_his_vlogs/

What camera does Stilababe09 use?

Canon T4i

Source: https://twitter.com/meredithfoster/status/288000158476668928?lang=en

What camera does Fouseytube use?

Canon G7X

Source: http://www.ultimateyoutubeguide.com/camera-reviews/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/

What camera does Unbox Therapy use?

Panasonic GH4

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cameras/comments/4w0wm0/what_camera_does_unboxtherapy_use/

What camera does Nigahiga use?

Canon 70D

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/#nigahiga

What camera does Ksi use?

Canon 700D, Sony Handycam, Canon PowerShot G7X

Source: http://vloggingcamerahq.com/cameras-famous-youtubers-use/

What camera does Jay Alvarrez use?

Canon 6D

Source: http://www.indysev.com/blog-1/2016/5/22/creating-the-life-you-want/your-questions-answered2982016

What camera does Faze Rug use?

Canon PowerShot A2600 IS

Source: http://www.whattheyuse.net/what-camera-does-faze-rug-use/

What camera does Amrezy use?

Sony Nex 6

Source: http://glamrezy.blogspot.com/2014/08/selfie-secrets.html

What camera does Jacksgap use?

Canon 5D Mark III

Source: http://jacksgap.com/following-heart-equipment-breakdown/

What camera does Mylifeaseva use?

Canon 70D, Canon 5D Mark III

Source: http://vloggergear.com/what-camera-does-youtuber-mylifeaseva-use/

What camera does Missglamorazzi use?

Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/#missglamorazzi

What camera does Jake Paul use?

Canon G7X 9546B001 PowerShot Digital Camera

Source: http://postpartumperiod.com/what-camera-does-jake-paul-use.php

What camera does Bfvsgf use?

Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS

Source: https://vloggerpro.com/what-cameras-do-famous-youtubers-use/#BFvsGF_and_CTFxC

What camera does Nikki Blackketter use?

Sony RX100M3

Source: https://twitter.com/blondevsworld/status/561317884106784768?lang=en

What camera does Justin Escalona use?

Sony A7Sii

Source: https://twitter.com/justinescalona/status/731618792749457408?lang=en

What camera does Tanner Braungardt use?

Canon EOS 70D

Source: http://vloggergear.com/what-camera-does-youtuber-tanner-braungardt-use/

What camera does Mark Dohner use?

Canon 70D, Canon G7Xii

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHtXqf99mHAh_sXEhGWDCyQ/featured

What camera does Art Wolfe use?

Canon 5DS R, Canon 1Dx

Source: http://artwolfe.com/2014/10/16/whats-in-arts-bag/

What camera does Nigel Barker use?

Sony A900, Sony A99

Source: http://equipboard.com/pros/nigel-barker

What camera does Kendall Jenner use?

Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II

Source: http://postpartumperiod.com/what-camera-does-kendall-jenner-use.php

What camera does Jacksepticeye use?

Canon 70D

Source: http://www.ultimateyoutubeguide.com/camera-reviews/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/

What camera does Alisha Marie use?

Canon Powershot G7X

Source: http://www.whattheyuse.net/what-camera-does-alisha-marie-use/

What camera does David Dobrik use?

Sony DSCHX80/B

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/

What camera does Zoella use?

Canon EOS 70D

Source: https://vloggerpro.com/what-cameras-do-famous-youtubers-use/#Zoella

What camera does Carli Bybel use?

Canon EOS 60D

Source: http://www.whattheyuse.net/what-camera-does-carli-bybel-use/

What camera does Markiplier use?

Canon EOS 70D

Source: http://www.whattheyuse.net/what-camera-does-markiplier-use/

What camera does Pewdiepie use?

Canon XA10 Professional Camcorder, Canon Powershot G7X

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/

What camera does Tanner Fox use?

Canon T3i, Canon 70D

Source: http://vloggergear.com/what-camera-does-youtuber-tanner-fox-use/

What camera does Romanatwood use?

Sony CyberShot RX100 IV, Canon PowerShot G7 X

Source: http://vloggingpro.com/what-camera-do-youtubers-use/

What camera does Casey Neistat use?

Canon EOS 70D

Source: https://manofmany.com/tech/casey-neistats-camera-gear-and-setup

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