Best Korean sunscreen

Best Korean sunscreen

The sun is always there to shine, and we cannot neglect the benefits it brings when the rays hit the surface. Human beings are among the beneficiaries since there is a substantial amount of vitamin D to gain. However, the rays pose a great danger on our skins, and the skin cancer reports have laid the facts after analyzing millions of people who contract the deadly disease every year.

Other than the cancerous effect, UV rays from the sun have been known to be the principal cause of wrinkles and early aging. Why? UV dries out your skin by diminishing the collagen level. That is why Koreans have continued to utilize their skin care skills by producing the best Korean sunscreens that aid in protecting you from the harsh rays as you bask in the summer sun. Slathering Korean SPF sunscreens serves as the best practice to also retain a youthful gesture.

Know your skin type

Before choosing your favorite or recommended sunscreen, knowledge about your skin and what triggers irritations (for the case of sensitive skins) tops the list of your considerations. With every sunscreen made to suit different skin types, there are a variety of choices for the dry and oily alike not forgetting those with normal or combo skin types. Our selection comprises of Korean sunscreens that bring solutions to every skin type.

Why should you go for Korean sunscreens?

UVA and UVB protection

Are you an amateur or a skin care guru looking for the next best sunscreen to upgrade your collection? Either way, you need to keep in mind that sun rays are more than a nuisance to our skins. The faces become the primary victims, and the long-term effects are unbearable. That is why even men are going the sunscreen way, so my audience is not limited by gender here.

Sun rays comprise of UVA (Ultraviolet A), the long wave form and UVB (Ultraviolet B), which is the shortwave. UVA rays can penetrate to the deepest skin layer (the dermis layer), and an extended stay in the sun calls for breaking down collagen and early signs of wrinkles and aging. UVB rays pose as the trivial, and they are responsible for sunburns due to outer skin layer burning. That does not mean less harm since they are guilty of causing skin cancer, making the UVB a dominant cancer form.

Your skin needs more than outer clothing

None of the discussed rays has optimized their level of damage since studies show that they perform different kinds of destruction with different gradation. Advice to add on sun rays protection measures could be dressing appropriately where sun hats come into play. If you combine the idea with having the fit sunscreen, then you have more arsenal for your skin.
K-beauty practitioners are very much aware of sun’s ruining ability on our skins. You have seen the Westerners basking to achieve a bronze glow. The secret lies behind the use of sunscreens to get protection from the sun which also contributes to how young they look.

Numerous benefits from Korean sunscreens

Your skin is prone to discoloring, redness aggravation, hasty wrinkles, age spots and hyperpigmentation due to prolonged exposure to the sunshine. Comparison with western sunscreens gives the Koreans a better lead. Why? The prior is hard to please when applying since they are very thick. They are also greasy, and the user gets a white or grayish jot on their face upon use.

Facts at hand show that Koreans and Asians, in general, are way ahead of the West (15 years as the estimate) when it comes to performing comprehensive research and generating marvelous formulas. It is an advancement that has made Korean sunscreens go viral in the market hence gaining global acknowledgment owing to better experience and fabulous results.

Meaning of terms in sunscreens

PA and the ‘+’ signs

It is a rating that you will find in most if not all of the sunscreens originating from Korea. Just like other Asian counterparts, other than the SPF (discussed below), you will find a product with ‘PA’ in the description and ‘plus’ sign(s) following the capitalized specification. ‘PA’ is an acronym for Protection Grade of UVA and the varying degree of protection is represented by the number of ‘+’ signs after the ellipsis.

So, a PA+ sunscreen has little protection compared to PA++++. One thing though, products with PA++++ possess a recent rating and most of the brands claiming highest skin security measures will have PA+++.

What is SPF?

Discussions with a dermatologist started with defining the SPF as the abbreviation for Sun Protection Factor. SPF measures the level of protection that a sunscreen can provide against UVB rays.

Giving an example of how it works, if your skin starts to burn after a 20-minute duration in the sun, using a sunscreen with SPF 15 would prolong your stay to about 300 minutes meaning that your basking period is multiplied by 15. It is not an exact estimate though since other factors such as light intensity, skin type, and the amount used also have a role to play. SPF determines the level of protection from the Ultraviolet B, but it should not be mistaken for calculating the duration.

Recommendations from the skin specialist reflect on using a sunscreen with SPF 15 as the minimum and applying the correct amount. Accurate dictation involves 2mg/cm2 of your skin which is about an ounce for the whole body. It is also advisable to reapply after every two hours. Most of us use a quarter to half of the appropriate amount. Using half the required amount provides protection equal to the square root of the featured SPF. With an SPF of 15 for instance, the effective prevention will fall to about 3.9.

You also need to be aware that the SPF UVB prevention scale is not a linear one. How? Let’s see:

  • SPF 50 prevents up to 98%
  • SPF 30 prevents up to 97%
  • SPF 15 prevents up to 93%

With the above information, it is possible to judge that a sunscreen with SPF 30 only adds 4% more protection when compared to an SPF 15 type.

Top Korean sunscreens reviews

With the above guide at your fingertips, let’s see what the Koreans have in store for you.

Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk (Link)

Etude House is well known for making skin care products and here comes the Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk, an outstanding sunscreen for all skin types. The non-greasy feature that makes it not to appear sticky promotes loftier and smoother finishing after application. ‘Sun Milk’ addition to the description implies the milk consistency in its composition. Those with sensitive skins that are prone to acne among other complications now have a reason to rejoice after choosing the Sunprise.

Ingredients include 100% mineral components which are essential for a smooth applying mechanism. More to it is that the smeared solution easily absorbs into the skin resulting to a matte and dewy finishing. It is a desirable attribute for those with oily and sensitive skin types. Using it as the last touch of makeup does not harm. The fresh fragrance is always inviting which can be a dividing factor since not all of us will do with scents.

The product does not leave a white cast for those worrying about such a flaw and more to UVA and UVB protection properties goes to the SPF 50+ and PA+++ rating in its description.

Cosrx Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50 (Link)

Another one from the Koreans comes from Cosrx cosmetics brand. The Aloe Soothing Sun Cream is the second on our list and the benefits of using it start with a combination of UVA and UVB protection. The creamy texture of the Soothing Sun cream makes it easy to apply bringing in the relaxing and moisturizing effect.

According to the manufacturer, the making involved 5500ppm of Aloe Vera leaf extract which protects and hydrates the skin at the same time. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water is useful when soothing redness which makes it a favorite due to meeting the paleness necessity. It is also non-sticky when using it and will stay on your skin for as long as you are out there with a matte finishing. Since it is a moisturizer in addition to being creamy, go for this product if you have a dry or combo type of skin. There is nothing wrong with solely having it on your skin or under makeup support.

Usage directions direct you to apply 30 minutes before going out in the sun. Take out the needed amount and perform an even application on your face until it is fully absorbed. Make sure to leave out sensitive areas such as your eyes to avoid irritation. After sunbathing, remove it with a makeup remover. A face wash will also do the removing trick.

Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk (Link)

Misha brand is known for skin care products and here comes their sunscreen, an All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk. It claims to have double layer UV blocking system that keeps away the harmful rays away and minimizes your body water loss. Whether you have dry skin or combo, the product functions as a makeup undercoat and sunscreen to pave the way for an even skin tone, reduce the amount of secreted sebum and reduce fine lines and large pores.

Aloe, Cucumber, and Witch Hazel extracts are among the six essential components that make the six essence complex. The combination is responsible for hydrating your skin and nourishing it too. More skin protection is enhanced by the Oriental tea Naples which comprises of seven Asian tea extracts that prevent your skin from environmental hazards.

Applying the sunscreen first greets you with a mild fragrance as the non-greasy solution slithers on your skin. A few minutes after, it dries to a silky with a faint powdery finish. Requirements instruct you to apply it 30 minutes before going in the sun and reapply after every three hours especially when the sun is hot – between 10 am and 2 pm. You can use a makeup remover or perform a face wash after the sun session is over.

The Face Shop Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun (Link)

Faceshop has unleashed a sunscreen that controls skin oil production and sweating. The long lasting Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun is water-based, and the natural elements in it make it all safe for all skin types. Besides perfecting your skin by providing coverage for up to 8 hours, the sunflower sprout extract chases away irritations caused by the scorching sun by delivering excellent UV protection.

You don’t need to worry about a white cast when using this product since it leaves none on your skin. The best part comes in when the amount of oil secreted changes to a minimum after the first use. A sunscreen that boasts of having a 40-level SPF and a PA+++ grading makes it possible to overstay in the sun than you normally do.

The hydration effect is a guru, to say the least. It keeps your skin moisturized as you enjoy your time outside while keeping the harmful rays at bay.

Sunscreens types you need to be aware of

Sunscreens are broadly categorized as either physical or chemical. Other types that we will also focus in below are formulated from the two primary categories.

Physical sunscreens

Excellent performance is exhibited by their ability to reflect UV rays before they can penetrate your skin. They are also commonly referred to as ‘Sun Blocks’ since they function as a top layer on the skin. The good thing is that your skin will not absorb such sunscreens hence the power to work after you have applied. They also last longer.

Chemical sunscreens

They have a different behavior of dealing with UV rays when compared to physical sunscreens. Chemical types absorb the UV rays through the absorbing chemical filters that also aid in safeguarding your skin from different types of harmful rays.

Broad spectrum sunscreens

Such sunscreens result from the combination of both physical and chemical types. The resultant formulation works much better than both chemical and physical models.

Waterproof and water resistant sunscreens

They can be either physical or chemical. They are favorable if you are using them before going outside. Due to how they are manufactured, waterproof types can maintain their SPF protection for longer hours than the water resistant types.

Wrapping up

Korean sunscreens have now made it possible to use the products without doubting about how your skin will react after application. The only limiting factor that prohibits you from using any of the produced sunscreens is your skin types and what you prefer. The best part is that every skin tone is checked, so your choice is out there waiting for you.

All the best as you enjoy the sun!

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